Monday, November 17, 2008

Hello Again

Well it has been a long time cense the last time i blogged but I have been waiting for something exciting to happen to blog about.  Well that never happened so I guess I will just talk about what's going on in our life right now.  I have just finished another semester of school and decided to take two weeks off before starting the next one.  A much needed break from school I feel like I have been going nonstop for ever.  Work is supposed to be starting the busy season but I have yet to see any sort of an increase of volume being shipped.  I hope to see an increase or all of the time and effort I put into training new people will be completely lost.  I can't wait to have a three day week next week and have a little break from the onslaught of boxes.  Augie's work is picking up with all the leaves falling it is now time for the people of Boise to recycle them  Giving Augie extra hours at work but we do miss him at home.  Saria and Easton's soccer is over.  I am happy to have a break from that till spring when it will start all over again.  Saria was star student of the week last week at her school and got to have lunch with her principle.  She was super excited for that I am so proud of my little girl I am not quite sure how she turned out so wonderful.  Easton is enjoying his preschool 3 days a week and is learning so much.  Halloween was a blast Easton was spiderman and Saria was Hannah Montana just like most of the other girls her age.  We got so much candy from trick or treating that Easton did not even want to carry his bag home.  I finally threw away the left over candy the other day and it was a lot.   We are all looking forward to Thanks giving and having my parents come over.  Sometimes Thanksgiving is lonely for us we never get to go any were because of Augie's work so we are so happy my parents and sisters are coming to visit us this year.  Well thats all for now I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.